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The paper I have describing the program has written on it - Contract #DA-48-083 OSA-922, Work Order #53-A-57, Project 60043.

The page also has a list of credits of people that put on the show and a paper called a Rundown - a list of performances in the order they were to take place on program 9 of the show.

I am looking for ETO only and have specific topics in mind, not really interested in photos of award ceremonies, USO shows, etc.

Or maybe you know of some contacts that have photo collections that I can contact about getting some scans?

Might there be any, any, images of Miller and band reposing in the archives of the Army Pictorial Center? Army footage for the following battles of both the Korean and Vietnam wars: Korea: Battle of Ch'ongch'on River; Battle of Chipyong-ni; and, Vietnam: Battle of Ap Bac (1963).

Full credit will be given to the photographer, his family and/or source of photo, along with a free book." What kind of black-and-white film would Army photographers have used during the 1950s? Do you happen to know what type of film they would have used?

Russell Hay posed that question, "because I'm helping a friend try to reconstruct a photo of her father from that era, taken during his time in the U. It's definitely B&W, but the grain seems too fine to be t-max, which was my first guess." If any still photographer alumni read this, can you recall this or any other technical aspects?

Glenn Mittler is fulfilling a lifelong interest in Glenn Miller by researching his life and career.

He wrote, "As you know, Miller disbanded his highly successful civilian orchestra during the height of its popularity to enter the Army Air Forces in the fall of 1942.