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Shania Twain is professional singer and songwriter.

She has been honored with several titles including the Queen of Country Pop.

She was on the panel for Real News From The Blaze featured on The Blaze, was formerly a co-host of the afternoon MSNBC talk show The Cycle, and before that, a regular guest host on Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld.

In 2000, Cupp graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History.

“Why do Treasury Sec Mnuchin and his wife insist on posing for photos that make them look like Bond villains? “So we now have The Trophy Wife posing with the new currency?

There were moments when I thought, ' I hate this.' I hated going into bars and being with drunks. She started to write her own songs from 10 years of age.

She is a Canadian belonging to the mixed ethnicity. Shania is the eldest of three daughters born to mother Sharon and father Clarence Edwards.

When she was just two years of age, her parents got divorced and she moved to Timmins with her mother.

Sarah Elizabeth Cupp (born February 23, 1979) is an American conservative political commentator and writer. She was a panelist on the CNN political debate show Crossfire, co-author of Why You're Wrong About the Right, with Brett Joshpe, and the sole author of Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity.

Cupp: Unfiltered, a political panel show, co-hosted by Andrew Levy, Monday through Thursday on HLN.