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They covered some of their favorites from bands like The Clash, XTC, Bob Marley, The Beatles, Coldplay, Radiohead.and others, as well as playing some of their own songs.SCOTTSDALE, AZ - MARCH 6: Singer Nick Carter and socialite Paris Hilton sit together during a benefit party at Steve Hanson's James Hotel on March 6, 2004 in Scottsdale, Arizona.2000 - 2004Nicole Scherzinger met 311 rocker Nick Hexum backstage at a concert in 2000, and the couple dated for four years.They dated and later became engaged, but broke off the engagement in 2004.

After a few smaller, yet memorable parts, Heather Graham started landing bigger roles starting with Gus Van Sant’s in which she played Lorraine, the final dating prospect for Jon Favreau’s character, Mike.Nick still uses his label, What Have You Records, to produce other artists such as Pepper, The Matches, and Zack Hexum, his younger brother.Nick met Nicole Scherzinger, of the Pussycat Dolls, backstage at a Days of the New concert around 2000 or 2001.Hexum created a nonprofit organization supporting various environmental causes called Liberal Hexum, which focuses on global warming.Nick completed the Los Angeles Marathon as his first charity event; accepting per mile pledges to be donated to his PAC.