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The journey to this point has been long and tumultuous with these new technologies causing legal questions throughout their development.Parallel to this, the advent of hyper-scale, cloud-based systems and data analysis, combined with advanced artificial intelligence techniques means the potential for this convergent technology to shake the foundations of our privacy and even legal frameworks needs to be considered.The startup was launched in 2016 by French-born Antoine Paillusseau and co-founder Romain Diaz, to help insurance and finance companies interact with potential and existing clients through a chatbot they developed, Holly.Holly is able to provide automated information to customers.We are creating jobs in a new market and that is extremely exciting.Our Investors Understand What We Are Trying To Achieve Our first investor joined our team in November last year and he had strong knowledge of the industry.In South Africa, the use of the technology is still relatively limited, but there have been some big brands that have been eager to take it on, like Mercedes Benz South Africa who last year was the first automotive company to introduce Facebook Messenger chatbot to its customers and potential customers, one of the functionalities of their chatbot is allowing prospective customers to book test looking to do the same in the finance and insurance industry.

This has been precipitated by the explosion of social media and has given these technologies an incredibly rich ground within which to learn, cause mischief and interact with their human users.

You don’t have to call, you don’t have to wait for an agent, you don’t have to call at a specific time; whatever you want, you open your favourite messaging app, you ask a specific question and you have access to the information.

The Market Is Desperate For Better Communication The global picture is that you have 3 billion users of messaging apps.

They understand the opportunity to increase customer conversion, because they’re addressing a completely new medium which is messaging apps.

They understand that it’s going to create a better customer experience.